Querejeta: If the EuroLeague is growing and the ACB is not, we’ll be forced to chose one


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Baskonia president Josean Querejeta talked about the implementation of Financial Fair Play rules in EuroLeague, the new calendar for EuroLeague teams, given the 18 teams that will now participate in the league and hinted at the possibility of his club leaving ACB in the future.

Here’s what Querejeta said to Radio Vitoria on:

The Financial Fair Play in the Euroleague:

“It has logic. If we are in situations where teams generate significant debts and then are covered by patrons, states or football teams, it is obvious that it makes the teams lose their value. We have been in the competition for almost 20 years in which we must ensure that our teams have more value. There are approved rules that make these teams have to reduce their structural deficits in the short term. The competition is going to be better and the clubs are going to be more valuable”

More than 80 games in the calendar:

“It allows us to generate revenues and allows players to have much higher salary levels than they used to. In the NBA they play the same games and they don’t complain. With the early elimination we had, our players have been on vacation for almost two and a half months. Although the season is tough, there is enough time to recover. The competition is like that and if you want to be part of the elite, the elite demands that rhythm. You must have well-prepared rosters that can compete at that level”

The Euroleague growing:

“At this moment there is a very good competition in Europe, which is the Euroleague. There is also a good competition, which is ACB. The ACB, in order to make progress, must take a series of actions, especially in the economic field. Important actions, like the ones that were taken in football (LaLiga). If not there will come a time when, if the Euroleague is growing and the ACB is not, we will be forced to play in just one competition: the best competition in Europe. I think it’s going to happen sooner or later, I’ve been saying it for a long time, and we’ll have to be prepared for that situation”

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