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Karsdorp reflects on time at Roma: ‘You are left alone, I was shocked’


14 August at 23:20

Roma defender Rick Karsdorp has revealed details about his time at Roma, saying that he felt alone at the club many times and he was shocked about it.

Karsdorp joined Roma in the summer of 2017 under the tutelage of Monchi but things for the Dutchman haven’t worked out too well. He has now been loaned back to Feyenoord- the club he had joined Roma from.

In an interview that the right-back gave to the Dutch press, he talked about his time with Roma.

He said: ” There you are left very alone. Some kids walk five minutes before training , while others have already spent two hours in the gym. 

“There are workouts where you don’t talk to anyone , everyone does their own thing. When I was at Rome I was really shocked. Is this the atmosphere? I like Holland better. 

“There are a few laughs in the locker room. I have to have a good atmosphere around, so I feel good here. I didn’t trust myself in Rome during the preparation.The departure? A weight immediately fell from my shoulders, all the tension disappeared when I knew I could leave.”


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