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Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp ‘cannot moan’ about fixtures and tiredness after Champions League | Football | Sport


Liverpool manager Klopp said the Reds had “no time” to prepare for their match against Southampton on Saturday.

They beat the Saints 2-1 despite flying back from Istanbul midweek, after their UEFA Super Cup match against Chelsea on Wednesday.

But, former Manchester City right-back Mills thinks Klopp can’t complain about Liverpool’s fixture congestion.

They’ve had a long time to prepare for the quick-fire matches after they won the Champions League in June, he thinks.

“Liverpool can moan all they like about fixture congestion but they’ve known this from the start, they’ve known this for a long time,” Mills told Football Insider.

“If you’re a successful team, you play more football matches.

“That’s why you have a big squad, that’s why you spend lots of money. It’s just something they’re going to have cope with.

Jurgen Klopp’s saying they’ve only had a couple of days to prepare, well they played last Friday night, had longer to prepare for the Super Cup.

“Sometimes you get more rest, sometimes you get less. Let’s stop going on about it, let’s stop moaning about it.”

Liverpool have played three matches in eight days after their trip to St Mary’s this weekend.

They beat Norwich 4-1 to start their season on Friday 9 August, before quickly jetting off to Turkey for Wednesday’s Super Cup final.

The Reds will now have a full week to prepare for their home match against Arsenal.

The Gunners travel to Anfield this Saturday (5.30pm), with both teams looking to make it three wins from three league matches.

Liverpool could play as many as 67 games this season after their European triumph last season.

As well as their Premier League and domestic cup obligations, they’ll also face another season of midweek Champions League fixtures, and are involved the Club World Cup in December.

The Reds will have to play two matches in the Club World Cup in Qatar from December 18 to 21.

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