Portugal Euro 2020 away kit details leaked


As in the case of football clubs, kits are a big talking point for national teams too. Fans either love or hate a football shirt released for a certain competition. From now till the end of May, several European teams will release new kits for the 2020 UEFA Euro and the details for Portugal’s away kit have leaked online. So here’s what Cristiano Ronaldo and Co will wear during the competition. 

Portugal will return to an old colour scheme for their 2020 UEFA Euro away kit. The current holders will wear a teal away kit, similar to the one they wore during the 2016 edition of the competition, which they ended up winning. Here’s a preview of what it will look like, courtesy of Footy Headlines:

Portugal Euro 2020 away kit colour scheme (Image Credits: Footy Headlines)

Above is the colour scheme around which the Portugal 2020 away kit will be based. A similar shade was used by the Cristiano Ronaldo and Co in their Euro quest four years ago, although the new kit is expected to be of a lighter shade.

Portugal Euro 2016 away kit (left), potential Portugal Euro 2020 away kit template (right); (Image credits: Footy Headlines)

The kit is expected to be launched in the early months of 2020, once the line up of the European Championship begins to take shape.

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