Birmingham 2 Stoke City 1 LIVE! Nathan Jones’ post-match verdict after 16-year-old wins it for Birmingham


Nathan Jones’ post-match verdict

Jones: “Bitter disappointment. We’re losing games we shouldn’t lose. We come out of the blocks really well, hit the post, we get the goal, think we’re going to go on and win but suddenly we don’t.

“We start doing things we shouldn’t be doing, giving fouls away, inviting pressure and that told.

“They scored with a very fortuitous second goal and the first was exactly what we told them and showed them. We’ve got to be better.

“They scored against Bristol City like that, against Barnsley like that, we showed them on the video, they should be aware.

“We’ve helped them out and we’ll look at moments in the game but we were the better side up until then. Lee Gregory hit the post, the keeper’s made a brilliant save… we shouldn’t have lost the game but we have again.”

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