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Liverpool are currently eight points clear of Manchester City with eight games played in the Premier League, and Reds fans could be smiling when they see what Pep Guardiola said about league titles back in 2014.

Writing in his in his book ‘Pep Confidential’, Guardiola claimed league titles could be won in the first eight games of the season.

Guardiola wrote: “League titles are won in the first eight games, but they are lost in the last eight.”

But yesterday, after losing ground on Liverpool with the 2-0 defeat to Wolves, the 48-year-old insisted his side were still in the title race.

“I know these guys,” he said.

“They are still incredibly involved and they can still do it.

“The distance is big, I know that.

“For many circumstances, they [Liverpool] didn’t drop points.

“It is better not to think one team is eight points ahead.

“It is only October. There are still a lot of games.

“It was a bad day, I had a feeling today would be the day when we created less.

“We have faced many teams defending deep and more or less we found a way to do it but today we had a problem.”

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy given his thoughts on the battle to top the table, and backed his old side to break their drought.

“I think Liverpool will win it,” Murphy told talkSPORT on Monday. “I think they’re only going to get better.

“Liverpool haven’t been great at times, [but they’re still winning] which is a fantastic sign.

“They’re digging in, even the Leicester game wasn’t a brilliant performance, Leicester did well and probably felt like they deserved something but Liverpool got the job done.”

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