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Bulgaria skipper Ivelin Popov has admitted that he was embarrased by his own fans’ racist chanting and Nazi salutes against England on Monday.

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“It was important that I spoke like this because it’s a very big problem for everybody, for our federation, for England and if they said more bad words, even one more time, then maybe they would finish the game.

“We would have such a big punishment and this is no good for Bulgarian football because if some other players want to come here, they hear what is said and how they speak bad, then this is no good for everybody.

“This is normal because the first half was 4-0, they were very angry and were saying to me: ‘don’t speak to us.’ But when you start to speak to them, afterwards they understand. I think in the second half was better.

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“It must stop. In this country, we have a team like Ludogorets, who have players from every country, I never listened (heard) this sort of problem in the Bulgarian championship and I don’t know why they made like this because many fans are fans and supporters of English football.

“There are fan clubs from Chelsea , Liverpool , Manchester, it’s incredible and I don’t know why they made this. For me, it’s incredible, a surprise.

“In every big city they have fan clubs, like in Sofia, they have several fan clubs for every big club.”

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