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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino rules out January transfers after rocky start to season | Football | Sport


Mauricio Pochettino has completely ruled out a January shopping spree, insisting he trusts his players “200 per cent”.

The Tottenham manager is adamant that the current problems at Spurs are no different than those suffered at a number of clubs up and down the country.

And despite calls for a shake-up following the second-goal humiliation by Bayern Munich and subsequent defeat to Brighton, he is determined to stay calm and not start “rearranging the furniture”.

“No, I don’t believe we will do anything in January,” he said.

“I believe in the players we have at Tottenham today. I respect the opinion when people will say we need to change, in or out.

“But my decision is to stick with players. They have the quality. It’s only to unlock something in their minds.

“It is not about changing this chair for a sofa and moving the table. We are the same. It is most important to help them; most important to provide calm.

“It is important that players feel support from the manager. I trust 200 per cent in them and believe they have capacity and potential to win the games.

“This situation happens at all clubs sooner or later. We have confidence we have the quality. It is only matter of time. For them, they are the principal actors on the pitch.”

There was no time for a debrief after the Amex Stadium defeat because of a prior agreement to deliver a keynote speech at the Aspire conference in Qatar, but Pochettino says the change of scenery was the perfect tonic for him personally.

“We flew 8am on Sunday and I was dead,” he said. “My assistant, Jesus Perez, too.

“We arrived and it was difficult to find the energy. But then to talk about Tottenham and our ideas and philosophy and football was like a medicine.

“It was most difficult thing but we found the energy.

“Then we came back Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday were here. We had meetings with a few players, trying to lift people. But it is important to have the energy to face another tough period.”

Christian Eriksen returned from international duty with a dead leg and is a doubt for the return to action against Watford on Saturday.

However, the team bottom of the table in the Premier League at the moment are not going Spurs’ main problem.

“It is going to be tough,” he said. “We will fight against us, play against us. We are our own worst enemy. Then after that, we have to worry about the opponent.”

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